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Compass To My Heart


MM Fantasy Romance

Lune doesn’t know much about his mystical birthright as a Compass-born, yet its promise of a life-mate cushions the long days and lonely nights. So he patiently waits, eager for when the compass will point him in the direction he must go.

Touch-starved Narsus is a Verdigris—a highly toxic phoenix with poisonous feathers. To be Compass-born is a heartbreaking, torturous burden. So he hides away in heavy cloaks and a beaked mask to protect those around him.


When the compass calls, Narsus further ostracizes himself by sending a proxy to the marriage ceremony, for he no longer believes in love. Or destiny. 

Hurt and embarrassed, Lune is determined to crack Narsus’s emotional armor. To show his Intended there’s always hope. But with the compasses counting down, can Lune convince Narsus to take a chance on love?

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