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The Demon Lord of California

How long will it take to fan the flames and enrage this gentle phoenix?
Start counting. 

The Demon Lord of California is a queer slow burn paranormal-fantasy meet-cute with romantic moments you won't want to miss!

Featuring phoenix shifters in human form. A hidden world set in the 1900s of San Francisco. A cozy bakery. First love, found family, hurt/comfort, control over an inter-dimensional portal, and a recovering workaholic grasping at his second chance.

So curl up with your favorite beverage and hang out with Cal (M/intersex) and Gus (M) for a while. You'll be happy you did!

Come join Cal & Gus!


“Harper, why are you trying to cut Calico out of a salary owed? What other deceptions and loopholes riddle this contract?”

--Agustin Chavez de la Cruz

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